For my first ever giveaway(!!!), my friends at Lettr have offered a handful of my lovely readers a sample of their new product! 

Lettr is what I've been waiting for all my traveling vagabond life. It's basically a system of sending postcards, without the hassle of actually mailing something from a foreign country.

I can't tell you how many times on my travels I've gone out and bought really cute postcards with the intent of sending them to someone I love, and then never following through (in other words, these meticulously picked out postcards end up my bookmarks instead). Actually I CAN tell you how many times... every. single. time. I have never ever successfully mailed a postcard, although I've meant to about a hundred times. but when i'm on the move, i'm always way too busy/lazy/jetlagged to physically mail something. 

Lettr solves this for us, in the most adorable way.

So instead of wasting time in annoying tourist shops to find the right postcard, and then somehow finding the right place to send it, and THEN waiting for weeks for it to be delivered, Lettr does it all online. Through their website, you can upload any picture you want for the front of the postcard. You then write your little personal message on the back, complete with a mouse/hand drawn signature!

The website also tracks your exact location and prints a map of where you're at for the bottom of the postcard :) 

So although the postcard isn't entirely handwritten and isn't physically from the place you traveled, it's every bit as personal. It arrives in your loved ones mailbox with a map of your location and your signature. The picture can be something more personal than a postcard you find in a store, like a picture of your happy face or a crude inside joke! But most importantly, the card lets them know where you were and that you were thinking about them while you were there!

I sent one to myself to see how it works, and I seriously love it. It arrived in about 3 days, a little scuffed up from the journey, but so very tangible and real. And there's something about getting a cute card in the mail... I sent this to MYSELF yet I was still tickled when it arrived. Haha!

Lettr would like to give a handful of my readers a free postcard to send. To enter for a link for a free postcard, simply LIKE the living deliberately facebook page and comment below telling me who you'd send your free postcard to and why :) Oh, and be sure to leave your email address. Next week, you'll receive an email with the link.

Happy adventuring, lovelies!