first breath after costa

i'm really bad at writing while i'm exploring.

i always tell myself i'll write... the voice that governs that part of my brain is very ambitious and a little strict, but she never really wins. because, as much as i want to record all the happenings right as they happen so that my memory gets the most of it, it's just unnatural for me to reflect when i'm IN IT, yanno? i'll jot down little notes here and there on sensory details, but nothing really

because i'm often exhausted or elated or anxious, or some other such overwhelming emotion that prevents one from thinking creatively. i've finally accepted that i just won't write on the road. instead, i'll wait to write in a quiet house right on the beach, when the weather is too bad to be outside... and that's where i'm at now, so here we go :)

after leaving costa rica, i spent a week in ohio and a week in daytona beach and i'm about to depart for another week in west palm beach and then the week after that in the virgin islands. so i'm a little behind, but i'm deep in the midst of compiling all my stories from my 3 glorious weeks in costa :)

they're such beautiful memories already. some of the best i've ever had. i can't wait to share them with you, along with the many colorful pictures from every little paradise i visited. 

so, soon to come will be tales of camping on the beach, cuddling with a pile of complete strangers, volunteering for envision festival, napping on waterfalls, hand-standing with famous yoga instructors, dancing until sunrise, stumbling upon free surf lessons, bathing in a river in the rain forest, and real life avatar land (complete with blue people and all!). ahhh, such fun :)

and to whoever you are reading this now... whether i love you or know you or not, thank you for taking part in this long, wild journey of mine :) please don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything i can do to help you on yours!