after a few days surfing and beach hanging in dominical, callie and i had a really serendipitous encounter with a man who owned a retreat hostel in the mountains, about an hour away, called buenaventura. once again, cal and i had nowhere to go and no plans. so when this man with kind eyes offered us to stay a week for next-to-nothin', just to carry on the spirit of envision, we didn't hesitate.

we packed up our things, hopped in his car with a beautiful friend named lauren, and headed up steep and windy jungle roads to one of the most magical places i've seen on this planet so far...

we three girls showed up to this quiet slice of paradise and were absolutely beside ourselves. we spent days swimming in cold mountain water, reading in hammocks, making the yummiest fruit/veggie combinations, doing yoga on the patio, and feeling overwhelmingly giddy and grateful for the beauty all around us.