a mountain on my mind

hello beautiful friends! i'm back home in las vegas, after two months of non-stop travels through costa rica, ohio, florida, and the virgin islands!

i've committed this past week here to healing my exhausted physical being with as much yoga and veggies and tea as it can handle. i've also made a few haphazard attempts at kickstarting my creativity, since there's a lot of pent up ideas floating around that i haven't had time/energy to organize yet! but it seems my brain needs some nurturing too. so i've been feeding it jack kerouac and meditation and news and pinterest and cute movies and all the things i miss out on when i'm on the road and out of the loop!

until i find the drive to dig through hundreds of pictures and scribblings from life lately, here are some shots from a road trip my pops and i took to mt charleston right before i left for central america!