costa rica video!

it's 4am in vegas and i'm up packing for a last minute flight to san francisco at 6am! i only got back from the virgin islands two weeks ago... i genuinely can't stay put for long. i was actually meant to visit friends in hawaii almost immediately after st thomas, but, at the great displeasure of those friends i've been promising to visit for 2 years now, all the flights were full. 

that's the thing about standby travel---you have to stay patient and take it all as it comes. i don't ever get angry when i don't make a flight, because i'm just grateful this opportunity even exists (2 more months!). so i'm alright with hawaii or no hawaii. i'll see it when the time is right :)

but cross your fingers this flight to cali has a spot for me! some beautifully serendipitous things are happening this evening and upcoming week, so i have a feeling it's meant to be!

while i'm hanging out at various airports today (for a minimum of 7 hours, depending on if i make my first connecting flight or not), i'll be catching up on costa rica writing. but first, my favorite part---THE VIDEO :)

sooo who wants to come to costa rica with me next year? ;)