a summer in film // europe

exactly one year ago, i took off on an epic, three-month-long backpacking trip across europe. i giddily couchsurfed and hitchhiked my way through spain, france, belgium, holland, germany, and malta. and along the way, i took pictures on an old canon t-50 film camera, which i JUST NOW developed, scanned, and uploaded... a whole year later. 

it's like i got myself this really sentimental gift and then neglected to open it for a whole year so that i would completely forget what was inside. 

and dear meeee, do i adore them! if film weren't so inconvenient (expensive) for my nomadic lifestyle, i would never take another picture with anything else. ahhh, i wish i could live in the grainy depths of these heavenly memories forever! 

and these babies are juuust in time for a short & sweet ROUND TWO coming up this weekend :) 

see, june is the very last month of non-revenue-flying-euphoria that i'll ever everrr experience. (unless i fall in love with a commercial airline pilot one day.) so i'm taking advantage of it the best way that a very-nearly-broke freelance writer/photographer possibly can. by flying roundtrip to europe for a total of $52, of course! :)

a few fortuitous happenings have compelled me to return to amsterdam and belgium for two weeks. so on saturday, i take off to answer the call and see what those elegant spaces have in store for me this time. i am so grateful. especially for the handful of friends who have invited me to take part in their journeys.