boats and babes

during my VI visit, i had the anomalous good fortune of having almost* all of my best friends free from work on the SAME DAY. in the world of "island time" and last-minute bookings and work dependent on weather and captains who call you at 9pm (when you're already at the bar) to tell you princess cruises just booked a morning trip and "be at the dingy dock at 7am"... having all but one of your friends completely free is like winning the damn lottery.

so, we went on a boat trip about it!

quincy called her captain friend and he pointed the bow toward the british virgin islands. we spent a day around norman island, mostly at the willy t (a bar on a boat just offshore, with a dock to tie up to and a ski to take shots off of with your friends---a beautiful and silly combination). we swam and giggled and danced and had the most perfect day.