wild wild west, ya'll

when a good friend of yours is on a road trip across the states and invites you to hop on in vegas and ride through the desert to yosemite, you probably shouldn't say no (unless you have a real job, in which case... i don't know. evaluate how much you like your job?). 

because the blue of the sky in the desert is an extraordinary thing. 

this road trip was so much fun. spencer and his sister were doing a little tour-de-states on the way to her new job in nevada. lucky me got to tag along for adventures down wiiiide open roads, old ruins, wild horses, alien gift shops, and some drone-flying around the air force base...

we also explored an abandoned gold-mining ghost town, called bode state park.

there was some seriously spooky vibes around that old town. but mostly i mean the freezing cold draft of air that we felt while peeking in the old jail cell... normal in the desert in may?! i think not...

thanks spencer and jenna for inviting me along! more pictures of yosemite coming soon :)