Our first blizzard

Jonas in NYC!

No New Yorker anticipated the blizzard getting this heavy. 
David had to go into work this morning even though snow had been coming down all night and all news reports (especially my mom's, haha) urged people to stay home.
He strapped on his (first ever) snow boots I bought him yesterday and trekked out into the sideways blowing blizzard around 9am.
I watched him shuffle down the middle of our street until he disappeared into the white haze. 
Nobody knew if the subways would keep running as the storm got worse, so I worried like hell that David would get stuck in Manhattan and we would be separated until things got better. 
When I finally got word that my work was cancelled tonight, I suited up and went out into the belly of the beast to retrieve my babe. 
And then I learned that blizzards look much more intense from the comfort of your warm window, when the snow is blowing horizontal. 
It was shockingly peaceful on the streets, and so bright and beautiful. 
When I got to Greenwich village I saw five New Yorkers helping to push a yellow cab out of the snow. Everyone out on the streets was happy and giggly. I picked up David from work and we walked around 6th avenue in awe. You couldn't see the tops of any buildings, so everything felt smaller somehow. 
We explored the empty, powdery streets until our hats and scarves were soaked and then headed home to a warm bed and whiskey. 
Our first snow day has been such a good one ⛄️⛄️
#blizzard2016 #iloveyounewyork