i like it right here

I like it right here. 

I like that Winnie keeps trying to lay on my journal. I like the Christmas mug with the partying polar bears, drunk on coca-cola, that I've had since I was a kid. I like the non-dairy creamer that David surprised me with. I like that this windowsill is just big enough for my journal and elbows and coffee and cat butt. I like how this window faces down the street at an angle, and I like watching, even though it's not always pretty.

Kids crying, couples fighting, cars honking, sirens. This is Brooklyn. Yesterday the wind blew trash all over the street and there were plastic bags hanging in the skeletons of the trees out front, like city ornaments. But someone cleaned the street really well---probably our super. I've seen her sweeping trash off the sidewalk before. 

Today looks nice.

Kids are skipping around, just getting out of school. Girls with matching pink backpacks, little boys with presents. 

Happy Christmas Eve-eve, Brooklyn!