peter and i left Denver on a redeye at 1 am.
after lots of shifting in our seats next to the window on the wing (my favorite of all seats),
we got to Charlotte at 6 am for our connecting flight, which was delayed of course.

peter slept on my lap on the couch in the starbucks between D and E concourses as i watched the people passing by and made up little stories about each of them in my mind.

and i slept on his lap on the floor next to our gate as we waited for our crew to arrive.
and we joked about how if they didn't come soon, i'd offer to be the stewardess and he could be the pilot.

well, we're finally home in florida and happy with memories from our trip to Colorado.
stories and pictures and videos coming soon :)

steal away, you and me, to a cave made of sheets

dear peter,
thanks for fulfilling my childish request and building a fort for us to sleep in. i'm keeping it up!
thanks for driving me all the way to tallahassee, just to spend more time with me.
thanks for stimulating my brain with awesome intellectual talks on philosophy and sustainability and creativity.
thanks for almost always giving me the love bite. especially when it's ice cream.
thanks for constantly picking me up and throwing me over your shoulder. i love that.
thanks for finally getting me to love red wine. i think i'm growing up!
thanks for playing draw something against me while we're sitting right next to each other. and for delivering my phone to me like a cute little boy, every time it's my turn.
no thanks for making luna love you more than me now. i'm hoping it's just a phase.
thanks for loving that i cry sometimes during movies and other little things. and for hugging me when it's over something sad... and laughing at me when it's over something silly.
thanks for pushing me on the swing every time you're here.
thanks for laying in bed with me, youtubing funny videos, and then randomly typing in the youtube search "stefanie is pretty". i think you're really cute.

dear peter, time goes by too fast when i'm with you. i miss you already and i lerve you.

links i'm loving lately

so i'm back in my happy place (this guy's arms). i flew out of ohio sunday morning and now i'm in orlando with his family. we intended to drive up to tallahassee today but beryl got in the way. so instead, we've been indoors reading books, drinking iced chai tea, and browsing the internet. here's what i've been loving:

this montage makes me wish i had famous friends i could torture. and this is the best thing ever. can you tell we've been watching a lot of ellen lately?

i'm excited for this.

this picture melted me into a puddle. i mean really.

this proposal had me in tears.

as did this wedding video

and this commercial just does the job.


ever since we've been apart 
(i'm in Vegas and he's in Seattle)
Peter has been sending me non-stop pictures
that almost make me feel like i'm there with him.
i think i have a keeper.

a little weekend recap

this past weekend, i got a little bit of a break 
from the stresses of article technique and cocktail waitressing.

Peter's truck pulled into my driveway 15 minutes after i got home from my last class of the week on Thursday evening. having a long distance relationship can be hard sometimes, so it's an incredible treat when we can afford a weekend together. for those 15 minutes of waiting, i paced my room and ran to the window every time i heard a car accelerate the hill, even though i knew it wasn't him (i learned to distinguish the sound of Peter's truck in high school). i'm such a puppy sometimes.

thursday night, we went to kickboxing together,
afterward, he surprised me with a presentthis book,
(he knows books are my favorite presents-- especially when they're to do with england)
and we cooked a delicious organic dinner of beans, rice, & sweet potato fries.

friday night, i had to work at pockets, so we took advantage of the day.
we went to new leaf for brunch and then to grocery shop, because my kitchen wasn't stocked enough to feed the bottomless pit that is Peter's stomach. we bought fresh local veggies and ingredients for quiche. with a call to his mom and a little of our creativity, we created a mushroom/broccoli/spinach/italian cheese quiche. it was seriously good... as in the most delicious meal i've ever had... maybe because we have mad skill, or maybe because it was made with love. either way, Peter and i have decided to quit school and open a place called Cafe Quiche (just kidding, mom). but seriously, i hope that name isn't already taken...

on saturday, we slept in, had breakfast on the back porch at 2pm, and watched shows in bed.

on saturday night, we had our first house party!
in honor of roomie Amber and roomie Sierra's birthdays!

(aren't they pretty?!)
(i'm not sure why ^this happened, but i'm glad it did.)

and sunday...

there's a rope swing in my back yard that i adore.
while Peter and i waited for our second quiche to cook, we played outside with Luna (Amber's pup) and did some major swinging. when i asked Peter to push me, i expected a generous push. what i did not expect, was for him to pull me back toward him and run and push me so hard that i flew right over his head. i didn't realize how long the rope swing was, but i felt like i swung the entire length of my backyard (which is huge). i think i peed a little the first time i looked back and noticed i was flying past my backyard gate. i screamed out of fear and excitement, and nervously laughed for him to make it stop.
but after i caught my breath,
i asked him to push me again.
and again. and again.
because sundays are for swinging.