belgium wins.

after my week in paris, i hopped a northbound bus to ghent, belgium.

last time i was in belgium, i was hitchhiking through (from paris to amsterdam) with my daring friend, noelle. so i didn't get to experience much more than holding a cardboard sign on the entrance to the highway outside of brussels and waving to curious belgians at stoplights...

but lucky for me, the beautiful belgian couple i met at a couchsurfing meet up i hosted a year ago in ohio have become VERY dear friends of mine :) sweet daphne and mathias invited me to visit their homes in ghent last june, and seeing how that was my last month of non-rev flying, what kind of girl would i be to say no?! a silly one. so i went, and it was beyond delightful.


i happened to be catching daphne in ghent on her BIRTHDAY. so we had a lovely sunday brunch celebration, and i got to meet her entire gorgeous family. ^^this is daphne and her momma, just being adorable. 

later on in the week, we did some exploring around the historic city center. ghent is one of the quaintest little places i've ever seen. we did some exploring on foot with daphne's mom and mathias, and then some on bicycle with friends (because dutch speakers sure do love their bikes)---the latter experience i do not have documented, because i wouldn't be here now if i tried (see: this super old post).


i also had the crazy fortuity to be in belgium for their very first game in the world cup in 12 YEARS... and they WON! :) it was absolute madness, and SO very fun to see the streets crawling with happy belgians celebrating their country's long-awaited victory. 

:) more photos from belgium coming soon!

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