san fran

after a couple of weeks of work and play in the virgin islands, i returned to the west coast.

one of my favorite travel buddies, noelle, invited me to visit with her in california! after hitchhiking across europe and then exploring the costa rican jungle with her, i couldn't very well say no to yet another awesome impromptu adventure with this girl. so off to san fran i flew!

noelle and i explored the pier in sf, went to a free concert in oakland, and stayed at the house she grew up in, in the sweet little town of winters! we later tagged along on a road trip to big sur (pictures coming soon!), before heading back to san fran. 

after the big sur trip, i got to stay right in the city with a friend i met in costa rica! and michael lives in the perfect location, right by dolores park. i also had the craaazy serendipitous luck to spend a day with my sweet belgian friend daphne, who was in town to give a lecture! here are michael and daphne ^^^ hanging out in michael's beauuutiful backyard/patio area!

probably too many people are aware of just how much i love beatnik culture. kerouac and ginsberg are for SURE two of my greatest inspirations, so getting the chance to slink around some iconic spots i read about so much in their writing was a serious dream come true. 

some golden gate peeking.

san francisco, you are glorious.