i have talented friends (vol. 2)

one of the coolest, most serendipitous things about the beginning of my travels this summer is that i met up with a group of 6 writers in barcelona. two of these fellow writers also kept blogs throughout our wild, intertwining wanderings and THEY ARE SO GOOD.  

noelle and i traveled together for about a month, so you'll see bits of me in her beautiful blog, called the karma bumz (a play on kerouac's "dharma bums" ;). she also spent more time in spain before we reunited in paris, and a while on an enchanting little farm in italy after our time in malta.

her writing is astonishingly honest and heart-felt in the most wonderful way. everyday of her travels, she'd handwrite notes and thoughts in her journal, and then transcribe them word-for-word onto her blog. so it's all extremely personal, conversational & eloquent, stream-of-conscious GOODness ;) thoughts on love, sex, foreign food, perfect strangers, and future plans.

vlad and i traveled together for one short, fun-filled week in spain. but he and noelle spent much more time together in both spain and italy. so you can see things from his poetic perspective in his blog, called accordion blues.

his blog is so named because vlad is actually quite the accordion player (how many young guys DO that nowadays, right?!), and a professional in the sense that he makes a living off of it---BUSKING! yes, this handsome young man has managed his travels by playing music on street corners throughout europe! we did a bit of it in barcelona and it was pure magic.

SO vald's blog is a compilation of short stories and poetry about his journey to backpack around europe with nothing but $100, an accordion, and the good will of humankind. and AS IF that's not adventurous enough, he's also biked through romania, been saved from bears by a pack of wild dogs, and nearly been trampled by a bull in san fermin... with a video to prove it!!

do yourselves a favor and CHECK THEM OUT. sorry in advance for all the hours you'll spend reading when you should probably be doing something else ;) 

p.s. click here for volume 1 of my talented friends! 

i have talented friends

this is the project cedric was taking test shots for the week we met him. he really captured the best of malta's beauty. i am so impressed. and so grateful to know such creative and talented people. :)