costa rica video!

it's 4am in vegas and i'm up packing for a last minute flight to san francisco at 6am! i only got back from the virgin islands two weeks ago... i genuinely can't stay put for long. i was actually meant to visit friends in hawaii almost immediately after st thomas, but, at the great displeasure of those friends i've been promising to visit for 2 years now, all the flights were full. 

that's the thing about standby travel---you have to stay patient and take it all as it comes. i don't ever get angry when i don't make a flight, because i'm just grateful this opportunity even exists (2 more months!). so i'm alright with hawaii or no hawaii. i'll see it when the time is right :)

but cross your fingers this flight to cali has a spot for me! some beautifully serendipitous things are happening this evening and upcoming week, so i have a feeling it's meant to be!

while i'm hanging out at various airports today (for a minimum of 7 hours, depending on if i make my first connecting flight or not), i'll be catching up on costa rica writing. but first, my favorite part---THE VIDEO :)

sooo who wants to come to costa rica with me next year? ;) 


ahhhh, this is long overdue seeing how this boat trip through the british virgin islands happened the first two weeks of january and we are now almost in march in costa rica! but! it's finally done! and these are such glorious memories! i just love sailing and blue water and green islands and beautiful friends so very much. something about seeing them in motion makes me grin from ear to ear. thanks Friend Ship 2014!

video inspiration

while i work on pulling together a video of my 10-day sailing trip through the british virgin islands, here are some inspiring videos that display creativity, hard work, talent, and the ultimate---courage.


soul wind

"i listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. where i'll end up, well i think only god really knows."

i have talented friends

this is the project cedric was taking test shots for the week we met him. he really captured the best of malta's beauty. i am so impressed. and so grateful to know such creative and talented people. :)

society is a fraud

"Society is a fraud so complete and venal that it demands to be destroyed beyond the power of memory to recall its existence. 

Where there is fire, we will carry gasoline. 

To interrupt the continuum of everyday experience and all the normal expectations that go with it. 

To live as if something actually depended on one's actions. 

To rupture the spell of the ideology of the commodified consumer society, so that our repressed desires of a more authentic nature can come forward. 

To demonstrate the contrast of what life presently is and what it could be.  

There will be an intensity never before known in everyday life to exchange love and hate, life and death, terror and redemption, repulsions and attractions. 

An affirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified that it amounts to a total denial of every kind of restraint and limitation."

-Waking Life


by the by, i committed somewhat of a sin in spain (apart from the obvious ones, of course--but this is the worst, in my opinion).  

i accidentally introduced these sweet, organic, nature-loving catalonians to the gruesome pleasures of mac photobooth...

they loved every minute of it.