words around st thomas

1. the sweetest road sign i have ever everrr seen. // 2. the only things that matter in life. // 3. the way of the islands, mon. // 4. rasta uprising, coming to a farmer's market near you. // 5. "there's no R in FOR," says the etched rasta man with a questionable in his mouth. // 6. you can't see it in this photo, but in the white space between "DO NOT" and "ENTER", it says, "unless you have weed."

words around malta

1. HOWL on the streets of an ancient city?! my heart is whole. // 2. a sign outside a (the only?) hippie store in malta called Why Not? // 3. okay so numbers aren't words, but this is maybe the coolest clock i've ever seen. time is not linear! // 4. he wasn't home. // 5. our new maltese videographer friend has the cleverist shirts. // 6. our new brazilian artist friend makes gorgeous jewelry. you should check it out ;)

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words around amsterdam

these dutch folk sure are charming... 

  1. this graffiti artist writes short, thought-provoking phrases all over the city.
  2. "love me? don't be another brick in the wall? deze heart is foor yew?" thanks, adorable vandalism.
  3. found this love note in the middle of a square. noelle and i think a romantic someone held this up for a picture to be sent back home.
  4. "albert heijn" is the name of the popular grocery store all over amsterdam. einstein is holding one of their shopping bags. brilliant.
  5. some cool word art which willem translated for us. i can't for the life of me remember what it says.
  6. the store window says, "you're only here for a short visit. don't hurry. don't worry. and be sure to smell the flowers along the way."
  7. my favorite from the sweet/smart graffiti artist.

words around paris

1. the pompidou welcomes you with neon lights. // 2. "dissatisfactions: that everything relevant will not be recorded." -part of a modern art piece about recording every avenue of one's life. // 3. "in this habitat i made for you, you shall work with invisible forces." // 4. my waiter at the cafe across from sacre coeur liked me a lot... so he wrote his name on my palm and told me never to wash it. // 5. wise words on the second floor of shakespeare and co. // 6. a love locked on the seine forever.