shifting plans at sacre coeur

my last weekend in paris, i stayed with a sweet french girl named chloe in her adorable little studio apartment in montmarte, just down the steps from sacre coeur.

that same weekend, another member of my creative writing gypsy tribe showed up in paris! noelle traveled to paris from barcelona with a couple of friends from california. i was able to steal noelle away for a day to catch up on our travel happenings. we met at the cafe across the street from sacre coeur and talked for hours before climbing up the steps and visiting that beautiful view of the city.

that day, we learned that BOTH of us had plans to travel to amsterdam that weekend. so we figured why not go together?! she planned on leaving paris a day earlier than me, but i convinced her to stay one more night so we could go to one last party with my french friends--a party on the metro.

i was extra lucky to now be traveling with noelle because i hadn't made any plans on my own yet (naturally). i hadn't even planned out a place to stay when i got to amsterdam... i guess i figured i could always show up at a couchsurfing event, since it worked so well last time. when i told noelle this, she asked her friend scarlett (the girl she planned to stay with) if i could stay with her, too. scarlett agreed, and that was a huge relief. ahhh, the luxury of knowing you'll have a roof over your head in a foreign country :)

so we set up a cheap carpool ride from paris to amsterdam for 8 am the next morning. we had a secure plan and a place to stay. all we had to worry about was making sure we stopped partying in time to get to our carpool ride.

orrr so we thought.