wind and water

i made this, of my last days sailing/living in st thomas. 


amber's dad is visiting! i invited him to ride along on my boat for a full-day trip and he captured this stunning footage while i was working. i think he did an awesome job of showing off the absurd beauty we get to see on a daily basis.

the first time i watched this video i immediately felt nostalgic for the life i'm currently living. sometimes i forget just how lucky i am, so seeing it like this is a nice reminder :)



hey guys! i have a special treat for you coming up soon. i'm piecing together a video of my new home :) even if i mess it up a bit, it's bound to be gorgeous. so GET EXCITED.

here are some beautiful videos i look to for inspiration for you to check out while you wait!

andrew and carissa's blog was among the first i ever read. they're little family is such an inspiration. and this video of their trip to new zealand just oozes fun.

olivia is one of my favorite bloggers ever. she's adorable and takes the prettiest pictures. this video is a collection of beautiful moments from her stay in france.

james and aubrey got married a while ago, but i always come back to this video. it makes me cry every single time. they had the most gorgeous wedding and it was captured perfectly.



because i'm just a big kid.

this is my first gopro video!

i realize climbing a big tree isn't the coolest thing i could've done for my first time with the camera, but i did try to take it skydiving with me and they said no. also, i'm in ohio... so this is about as cool as it gets until i move to the island. p.s. the tree also made an appearance here.

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bonnaroo in motion

here's a little video i made of part of our bonnaroo experience.

it's no work of art, but considering that i shot it all on my phone before it died the second day there... i don't think it's too bad. next year, i'm definitely bringing my dslr ;) and a portable phone charger. because there's sooo much i wanted to capture and couldn't.

for a taste of what bonnaroo is like, here is a beautiful video i found from 2011.

and now i'm homesick for that little weekend world.

little films

today, amber and i had to turn in our final video projects for our media techniques class. we had a hysterical time making them. we didn't put too much thought into the plot lines and we shot AND edited each film in less than a day. it was also my first time shooting videos with my new canon t2i. so all things considered, i don't think they turned out half bad. either way, the amount of side-splitting laughter that the whole project prompted was totally worth a couple days of work.

amber's media project, starring me and my half hidden smile throughout the film. luna put me to shame.

my media project, starring amber.