Black Mountain

Last week, David and I were able to steal away and have our first proper vacation in a year. It was also David's first time being out of the state of NY since we moved here 2 years ago!! Man was this a much needed trip. 

David's whole extended family got together and planned this trip to Black Mountain, North Carolina. There were 18 of us under one roof, talking and laughing and swimming and cooking and drinking and rocking in those chairs on the front lawn long after the sun set and the stars came out. I got to watch home videos of David as a baby in Japan and his parent's wedding in Louisiana. It was pretty magical. 

What an incredibly relaxing trip. It felt so good to stand in sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains and just take a deeeeep breath. We got to swim for the first time in TWO YEARS, which is just crazy to me. It was also just really special getting to know David's family better. I don't have a very big family myself, so I cherish the times that I get to experience his. They are lovely, lovely people. 

Now, back to the New York City grind---a little more relaxed and refreshed and ready to conquer all our goals :)